Welcome to Hyseth, home of Mount Everfrost. In a land created by Elemental gods, The frozen peaks of Everfrost are all that remains after the milenia. Rumored to be the home of the last of the Elemental gods, Everfrost sits in the middle of the largest land mass in Hyseth, Norin. Norin is now ruled by Goroth Ironhelm, the king of the Mountain Dwarves. Ironhelm and his people mine the minerals found in the mountain but are really there to protect the entrance to the realm of the Frost God, Shiver. With the exception of a few Dwarven priests, no one has entered Shiver’s realm in Thousands of years. Even the Priests have never laid eyes on Shiver and rumors abound that he is only myth or legend. Word has made its way across the land that Ironhelm’s people are wasting their time. It is said that they only perpetuate the myth to gain higher prices on their ore and metal crafts.



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