Age: 43 / Height: 8'1" / Scale Color: Blue & Black / Eye Color: Golden


-Hit Points:




  1. Longsword
  2. Breath of Lightning*

*Can only be used once a day


Jura knew little of himself he grew up in a slaver’s house as a slave. Unknowing of his own strength he was always muzzled and forced to work in his owner’s fields whilst his mother worked in the house, to ensure they stay separated as much as possible. He was never given the chance to ask about himself or his father so he grew up knowing only that he was different.

Holding himself at a towering eight feet, one inches tall, Jura loomed over all the “keepers” that his owner had watching him. He was a star-like blue and black scaled Dragonkin, with a short horn on his snout and 8 more coming off the back of his head. He has wings but they are torn, beaten and broken from him trying to fly away as a young boy.

When Jura reached adulthood his mother was sold to another slaver, on her way off the property she tried to run towards Jura and was impaled by her new owner’s spear. At this point Jura lost his mind, he broke free of his bonds and tore the muzzle off of his snout, with his razor sharp claws he tore his keepers to bits. As he turned to avenge his mother he realized that the man responsible for her death was nowhere to be seen. He turned towards the house of his owner and screamed. When he did he released a cone of lighting from his mouth catching the field and the house on fire.

Jura gathered some weapons and set off to find the man that killed his mother. Knowing nothing of the man or how to find him he looked to an ex-ranger named Vorg to teach him how to survive in the wild and live on his own. Jura made a reputation for himself. In his search he hunted treasure, animals, even people. He had no disposition to killing as long as money was involved, but would not mindlessly slaughter people. He came to realize that he was stronger and generally smarter than humans, this led to his arrogance and pride in him being different.


Hyseth Xerxez